Floating Islands “Art Work”

Every idea has to start with some “art work” 🙂

Floating Theme Islands
Floating Theme Islands

So why am I doing all this modelling? One of the ideas I have is building small floating islands for an educational project where school kids can visit theme islands to learn about certain subjects, in this picture I choose nature, history and religion.

To make it easier to focus and not having to model to much for this project I gave myself two constrains: Every island has a single theme and the scale of the islands is relatively small. It’s a work in progress and I still have a way to go, but I’m getting there, ok back to modelling again 🙂


2 thoughts on “Floating Islands “Art Work”

  1. Nice idea Oliver.. I like floating Islands as a basis for education… I once created a site for interactive learning.. distance education schooling.. schools in the middle of Australia. Often children have to learn from home as its too far to the closest school… Floating Islands would be great as an interactive environment.

  2. cyberroadie

    Thanks, I never got much further with it because I got distracted by my studies 🙂 What I liked about this idea is the modularity, it’s possible to start small and focussed and new islands can be introduced one at a time.

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