Modular Seamless Bridge

Modular Bridge

As mentioned in a previous post I would try to create a ‘seamless’ modular designed bridge. Voilà here is the result. In this picture I have highlighted all the separate components. As you can see, none of the modules share a flat surface with other components, this to prevent ugly seams when stacked together. Next step: Creating a nice texture


Floating Islands “Art Work”

Every idea has to start with some “art work” 🙂

Floating Theme Islands
Floating Theme Islands

So why am I doing all this modelling? One of the ideas I have is building small floating islands for an educational project where school kids can visit theme islands to learn about certain subjects, in this picture I choose nature, history and religion.

To make it easier to focus and not having to model to much for this project I gave myself two constrains: Every island has a single theme and the scale of the islands is relatively small. It’s a work in progress and I still have a way to go, but I’m getting there, ok back to modelling again 🙂