Modular Level Design


Texturing Components Arch Bridge
Texturing Components Arch Bridge

After reading the Modular Level Design  on the Unreal Developer Network I decided to create the bridge out of three reusable pieces, the arch, pillars and some walls to prevent pedestrians to fall of.

As you can see in the picture, the next thing to work on is to get rid of  the seams between the components, the repetative shadow of the ‘seamless’ brick texture and some shadow effects cause by the vertices (the V shadow on top of the arch).


UVSnapshot still visible


First attemt for texturing, forgot to hide the UV Snapshot layer in photoshop when exporting so you can still see the lines.

This is the tutorial I used to teach myself UV mapping.  

After archbridgeuvmaplaying out the UVs I use the PSD Network in Maya to export the UV Map to Photoshop. In Maya you can create a PSD Network (UV Texture Editor -> Create PSD Network). This let you  create a photoshop file directly from within Maya. And with a single click you can make every update in photoshop immediatly visible in Maya.

Scaling Test Bridge

Scaling Test Bridge

Here is my first start with Unreal Editor 3. This is a scaling test to see how to get the grids in both UnrealEd and Maya equal and to get an idea how big imported static meshes are. The bridge is a static mesh import from Maya.

I’ve set the maya grid to: Length and width: 128, Grid lines every: 32 adn Subdivisions 2.

(In UnrealEd I’ve set the grid to 32)