Mathematics in Blogger

Installed LaTeX for blogger which will enable me to write math stuff on my blog 🙂

So I use Open Office Math module to write the formulas, export it to a LaTeX file, copy and paste it into my blog and with the push of the button I transform:

$$\prod _{i=1}^{i=100}{\frac{(x_{i}+1)\cdot x_{i}^{3}}{x_{i}^{2}-1}}=\text{?}$$

into a nice picture:

Looking a bit further into the code I noticed the actual conversion is done by this website [John Forkosh]. The previous link only provides the greasemonkey script. On his website he requests to install it yourself and provide this service for free to other people. So I adjusted some of the scripts, compiled mathtex.cgi and installed it on my server. So here is a quick install guide:

  1. Have Firefox as browser
  2. Install the Greasmonkey plugin in Firefox
  3. Install the Greasemonkey script
  4. Change your blogger template:
    img.latex_eq {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;
    just before the line: ]]>
  5. Test: write in blog a formula: $$\pi = \int_{0}^{1} \frac{4}{1+x^{2}}$$
    Select it and click on the LaTeX button 🙂

And here is the actual LaTeX conversion cgi script on my website.

Thanks to John Forkosh for the mathtext cgi script and Logan Wolverine for the greasemonkey script.


5 thoughts on “Mathematics in Blogger

  1. Hi, that nice instruction.
    I need the mathtex.cgi but I don’t have a linux machine (and I don’t understand the instruction to compile it). Could you please share your compiled mathtex.cgi file (link to download or email it to me) because I don’t want to burdern john forkosh server or yours.


  2. Hi, what happen to the ?
    I rewrite a javascript to use latex on blogger using your mathtex server (yours are the best among the public servers listed on John Forkosh website).

    Hopefully your mathtex server can be up again.

    Any way I want to thank you for your mathtex server that served me this couple of months 😀

    1. cyberroadie


      Sorry about that, I was upgrading my server, security patches etc, everything should be fine now

      Glad you enjoy it!


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