Mathematics in Blogger

Installed LaTeX for blogger which will enable me to write math stuff on my blog 🙂

So I use Open Office Math module to write the formulas, export it to a LaTeX file, copy and paste it into my blog and with the push of the button I transform:

$$\prod _{i=1}^{i=100}{\frac{(x_{i}+1)\cdot x_{i}^{3}}{x_{i}^{2}-1}}=\text{?}$$

into a nice picture:

Looking a bit further into the code I noticed the actual conversion is done by this website [John Forkosh]. The previous link only provides the greasemonkey script. On his website he requests to install it yourself and provide this service for free to other people. So I adjusted some of the scripts, compiled mathtex.cgi and installed it on my server. So here is a quick install guide:

  1. Have Firefox as browser
  2. Install the Greasmonkey plugin in Firefox
  3. Install the Greasemonkey script
  4. Change your blogger template:
    img.latex_eq {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;
    just before the line: ]]>
  5. Test: write in blog a formula: $$\pi = \int_{0}^{1} \frac{4}{1+x^{2}}$$
    Select it and click on the LaTeX button 🙂

And here is the actual LaTeX conversion cgi script on my website.

Thanks to John Forkosh for the mathtext cgi script and Logan Wolverine for the greasemonkey script.